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The BEST time to start parenting a teenager is before she/he becomes one!

Your child will hit high school in less than year and the magical 13th birthday is about to arrive. A teenager is coming to your house!.  Are you ready for the changes? Would you like some tools and ideas to make it the best experience – for both your child and you?

Graham Hyman, a Gold Coast local, and for 30 years one of Australia’s leading trainers on the subject of parenting teenagers, is offering his eBook, Understanding Your Teenager, free of charge to parents of Gold Coast primary school students. It is practical, rich with ideas, and very easy to read. You can get your copy using the link below.

Do you find yourself thinking that other parents are doing better than you? Wondering why your son’s friend is such a lovely boy, and your son isn’t? Why your daughter can be so hard to live with sometimes?

And do you hear news stories about what teens get up to, and the consequences, and worry whether you can stop that from happening to your kid?

Do you wish you could get some advice and reassurance but haven’t got the time to go to a course or study some long book?

Well, what if your teenager is just normal? What if the parents of those seemingly perfect kids are concerned just like you? What if you could get an insight into what’s normal, and what isn’t, as well as some affirmation and ideas to make parenting easier?

Hi, my name is Graham, and I’ve been working with teens my entire professional life and presenting parenting seminars to parents just like you for 30 years. The two things people say after every seminar are “Have you been spying on MY house??” And “Thank you, I feel so reassured and confident now”

I know two things parents of teens have in common: they worry if they are doing the right thing, and they don’t have time to go to courses or read long books because when you are the parent of a teen life is often just too hectic!

Understanding Your Teenager, the eBook, is here to help you. In less than 40 pages it will give you an insight into what is making your teen strange sometimes, where she needs to be cut some slack, and where he needs more guidance.

On top of the insights, the eBook provides simple exercises and prompts to help you develop strategies in ways that will work with your family.

We are offering this book free of charge to parents in Gold Coast Primary schools as a gift to our community. 

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