Help! My  child is already behaving like a teenager.

Do you find yourself wondering why the “teen years” have arrived so early in your house? Weren’t they supposed to arrive at 13? And even if you were expecting the early arrival, are you worried that times have changed so much you’re not sure how to react to the changes?

If you are having those thoughts, relax. You (and your kid) are normal! Puberty is arriving much earlier today (usually well before the 13th birthday) and exhibiting adolescent behaviour begins when a child is around 8 – 9 years old.

Do you wish you could get some advice and reassurance but haven't got the time to go to a course or study some long book? If you do, we have a FREE solution for you.

My name is Graham Hyman, and I've been working with teens my entire professional life as well as presenting parenting seminars to parents just like you for 30 years. The two things people say after every seminar are 'Have you been spying on MY house?' And 'Thank you, I feel so reassured and confident now'

I know two things parents of teens (especially emerging teens)  have in common: they worry if they are doing the right thing, and they don't have time to go to courses or read long books because when you are the parent of a 10 to 17 year old child life is often just too hectic!

I am currently converting my live seminar Living With Your Teenager into an eBook that gradually being rolled out as a series of blog posts. I am also releasing the audio of the seminar as a series of 5 – 10 minute podcasts.

As a Gold Coast local, I have decided to offer free access to these resources to parents in Gold Coast primary schools as a gift to the community.

To get your free access, please fill out the form below.  Will collect your name, email address and school for validation purposes and for one follow-up email to give you the opportunity to provide a brief review. We will really appreciate your feedback.Is